Sex in the city

It was several years ago and I had the sound down on the TV while I read waiting for the next program.   A show titled “Sex” or something like that was on giving advice.  (You must wonder how our ancestors got on – with their families of 12 or more children – I guess they worked it out huh?  Maybe even enjoyed it occasionally).  Anyhow, as I looked up there was footage of a cold deserted street.  A bus full of people wearing parkers, scarves and beanies were milling around on the street talking to the interviewer.  There were no other people around and, like I said, it was a bleak looking place.  Suddenly it dawned on me that the place was Canberra!  Showing off its then Sex Tours for tourists.  From memory, this entailed driving out to Fyshwick, an industrial suburb of Canberra, where I once ventured after 5pm on a Friday night.  Nothing was open and a more dark dreary place on earth would be hard to find.  Okay, I’m subject to hyperbole.  Anyway there was nothing open and it resembled the end of civilisation.  I can’t imagine anything less sexy or exciting than Fyshwick after dark.  The nearby railway track might be where you’d lie your head if you were reduced to Fyshwick, Canberra after dark, mid winter, for your thrills in life.


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