No university in sight!

I was reading about the Australian treasurer Ted Theodore.  Our suburb is named after him.  He achieved a lot in his life after leaving school at 12.  After working in the mines – real work experience there! – he went on to become Premier of Queensland and Federal Treasurer no less!

Whilst serving Queensland, he implemented important educational measures which benefited the handicapped and isolated, introduced adult franchise in local government, and abolished the upper house of Parliament (fewer polllies!).  You can read up on his achievements on Google but the point I make is that he didn’t venture within a 100 kilometres of a university and could run a State and handle the finances of a nation. 

I look at the current crop of educated idiots calling themselves politicians with their shiny degrees and union pedigrees but with no dirt on their hands and I say give me TED THEODORE any day of the week! 

Interestingly, Ted Theodore set up the AWU (Australian Workers Union) – back when unions meant something I guess.  Isn’t that Craig Thompson’s union of choice?  What a contrast.  Just what Kim Beazley Snr said once rings true:

“When I joined the Labor Party, it contained the cream of the working class. But as I look about me now all I see are the dregs of the middle class. And what I want to know is when you middle class perverts are going to stop using the Labor Party as a spiritual spittoon.”

How apt – pervert!!